Bruce Kulick, guitarist for Hard Rock groups Kiss & Grand Funk Railroad.Bruce Kulick flying v guitar

Bruce Kulick Interview

  • We discuss BK3 with Steve Lukather, Tobias Sammet, Eric Singer etc.
  • Guitar tones throught the years.
  • Kiss “God Gave Rock ‘N’ Roll To You II” from the Revenge album.
  • Bob Kulick‘s Les Paul on Paul Stanley’s 1978 Solo album.
  • Kiss 1985 Asylum album with Charvel guitars for Bruce Kulick’s secrets of the guitar tone.
  • Electro-voice speakers on old cabinets. Bruce Kulick on kiss Animalize album.
  • Paul Stanley tells Bruce to not cut his hair in reference he will be going on tour.
  • Bruce being the first member to use his real name in Kiss.
  • Recalling being on stage with Mark St. John at one gig with details.
  • Bruce Kulick meeting Vinnie Vincent.
  • Other mentions the guitarist talks about Grand Funk Railroad, Kiss “Carnival of Souls” album, Kiss “Crazy Nights” with the guitar intro to the song “No, No, No”.

Billy Squier Discography

Tale of the Tape (1980)

Michael Bolton Discography

Michael Bolton (1983), Everybody’s Crazy (1985)

Kiss Discography

Asylum (1985), Crazy Nights (1987), Smashes, Thrashes & Hits (1988), Hot in the Shade (1989), Revenge (1992), Alive III (1993), Kiss Unplugged (1996), Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions (1997)

Union Discography

Union (1998), Live in the Galaxy (1999), The Blue Room (2000)



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