Black Moor Interview September 12, 2014

Black Moor Interview in Aylesford, NS at the Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival. Eric Hanlin, Rob Nickerson, Evan Frizzle and Kenny Myers. September 12, 2014

In this interview…

  • We talk about headlining the Maritime Metal & Hard Rock Festival.
  • They talk about their first show ever in Coldbrook, Nova Scotia.
  • Jay Chetwynd talks about the festival in this interview as well.

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Eric Hanlin & Kenny Myers Interview July 6, 2012

Eric Hanlin, guitarist and vocals and Kenny Myers, drummer for Halifax Heavy Metal band Black Moor.

in this interview…

  • Black Moor talks about playing Spread the Metal Festival in Halifax, NS opening for Morbid Angel.
  • Kenny Myers talks influences as a drummer.
  • Playing Hook in Mouth from Megadeth and playing covers.
  • The new Black Moor album will be released August 11, 2012.

Black Moor Interview May 8, 2010

Eric Hanlin – Guitar and Vocals, Nick Jones – Lead Guitar, Sylvain Coderre – Drums, Rob Nickerson – Bass from Nova Scotia’s Black Moor.

In this interview…

  • Black Moor talks about there upcoming tour in Quebec and more.

Eric Hanlin & Rob Nickerson Interview November 2009

Eric Hanlin & Robert Nickerson from Canadian Heavy Metal band Black Moor from Halifax, Nova Scotia. November 7, 2009.

  • Music Nova Scotia week 2009 in Yarmouth.

Eric Hanlin & Rob Nickerson Interview October 2009

Eric Hanlin, frontman and Rob Nickerson bassist of Heavy Metal group Black Moor from Halifax, NS. Black Moor interview October 14, 2009.

  • Black Moor talks about band influences.
  • History of the band name.
  • Opening for 3 Inches Of Blood in Halifax, NS.



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