Uli Jon Roth, guitarist for Heavy Metal band Scorpions.Uli Jon Roth guitar

  • We talks about his recent adventures in Music.
  • Uli talks about the writing of the Sky Academy book.
  • We talk about Roth’s classic guitar collection.
  • He talks about the old Scorpions amplifiers.
  • Uli Jon talks about the electric guitar.
  • Roth prefers a Shure SM 58 to a Shure SM 57 mic for his guitar and talking in details on microphones for amplifiers with also ambiance microphones, etc.
  • Talking about the picking of a great studio to record guitars.
  • We discuss the guitar tones on Scorpions Taken by Force album and details.
  • Talking in details on the original Marshall for the recording.
  • Sky guitars limited edition.

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