Beatallica Interview – Jaymz Lennfield talks Abbey Load Album

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Jaymz Lennfield, Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitarist for Parody Hard Rock band Beatallica. Interview March 21, 2013

Beatallica Interview

How was it writing the new Beatallica album Abbey Load?
Well, it’s always a challenge to decide what actually gets on the album. Like each of the albums before Abbey Load, we had a stockpile of ideas and songs that just didn’t make the cut. Not to say they wont in the future but an album needs to be cohesive and have a certain flow. We knew the medley sections would be the biggest hill to climb as we’re considering keys, time signature, tempos, etc…. But now it’s 3 to 5 songs smashed right into one another with no breath. It made for a many a discussion.

I am sure there is a lot of time taken to figure out the subjects to sing about?
Not really. We’re a hesh rock metal spoof band. Past tunes deal with topic many other rocking bands sing about: fun, metal, being fun, being metal. We’re not addressing quantum physics here. We also don’t stray from the Beatles side of lyricizing on Abbey Load due to our partnership with Sony.

Any tours coming soon for Beatallica?
You bet! We’re discussing options as we go along. So many places to consider… We are just aiming to make them worth the while to go and to make them the best thing for Beatallica. I’m glad we have folks helping us with this!

When writing a song is there such a thing as investing too much time?
No, never, ever ever ever. To me, a song is never truly finished and time will definitely change it. We have tunes that have morphed over time either for progressions, lyrics, overall feel, instrumentation, etc. Bands play material live and it changes from the performance on album. Look at “Layla” by Clapton. It’s one of his most famous tunes and he switched it up acoustically. Songs have so many different possibilities in them, it’s impossible to hold them to a finality.

What do you think of promo videos nowadays with everything going on YouTube?
Ah, the digital age. Don’t you just love it?!

Would you say the overall music scene online is getting better with the economy?

Beatallica Jaymz Lennfield singer

Jaymz Lennfield

Not necessarily. I think a scene or band can grow online in a good or bad economy. Hell, look at Beatallica. We’re a product of the internet from day one. Money doesn’t create music in its truest form. Creativity and drive creates music. Economy can enhance the potential of that music getting to people, yes. But an economy is not art or tradition.

What were your earliest influences?
I wanted a Les Paul because I wanted to be Ace Frehley. I have one and it’s a Custom piece of 70s awesomeness. I used to play frisbee in the park as a 6 year old dressed as Ace too. Hard to corral that thing in moon boots, I tell ya…. My gramma made all my goofy costumes and she first got me playing piano and singing at age 5.

What could we find interesting in your music collection at home?
I have A Merry Snoopy Christmas and the play by play of the Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA title on vinyl. Other Disney Halloween albums with full booklets…and 2 copies of the Grease soundtrack. My first album. Besides Ace, I wanted to be Bowser too!

Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician on tour?
Not much sleeping. A lot of sitting though. Wish that could balance out. I’m usually the “documenter” so I’ll have the camera and vid camera out just shooting stuff. I actually do try to get a run in when possible. But I’m also usually the press contact so I’m probably yacking to someone about my fascination with Bowser.

Where do you see Music in 100 years from now?
Well, if everything were up to me, the futuristic music would all be written by VoiVod as they already beat us to the punch…and right on for that. Those guys are kings!

Extra Questions for Jaymz Lennfield from Beatallica

Life without music… would be the cause for me to want to become deaf and I’d not have a problem with it.
Favorite movie: Jaws or Nosferatu. Depends if it’s summer or fall.
Favorite sport: Easy one. Baseball. Period. My dad was my coach and someone in this interview pitched the deciding game of their Little League World Series (cue Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” here)
Favorite food: you can’t go wrong with squid sushi
Favorite drink: I’m having a nice snifter of Oban Reserve 1996 right now!
Favorite saying: “Thank you for the bottle of Oban Reserve, Bowser!”
Favorite car: Anyone that gets me to and from the gig safely and without fail.
Favorite book: Catcher in the Rye. Caulfield cracks me up.
Favorite band: Definately depends on the day, but as of this very moment I’ll say Lyle Lovett and His Large Band. He’s clever, diverse, super fun, self-defeating at times, and always very very large.
Star Wars or Star Trek: Neither. Pigs in Space. The dude’s name was Link?…c’mon!!
PC or Mac: Hmmm…politically correct or MacDonald’s….hmmmm….. Are you making me a vegan?

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