Steve Howe Interview | Guitarist talks Yes, Asia, Robert Johnson

Steve Howe, guitarist for Progressive Rock band Yes and Asia.

Steve Howe Interview

Steve Howe

  • Steve discusses the upcoming Yes Album “Fly from Here”.
  • Steve talks about the recording of the new Yes album.
  • Steve working on Asia’s Omega album.
  • We talk about his solo albums.
  • Steve explains the difference of recording in the early 1970’s and recording today.
  • How is his guitar collection coming along.
  • Howe’s take on Robert Johnson.
  • He talks about musical construction with “Mood for a Day”.
  • We also talks about his future autobiography book in the making.

Yes Discography: The Yes Album (1971), Fragile (1971), Close to the Edge (1972), Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973), Relayer (1974), Going for the One (1977), Tormato (1978), Drama (1980), Union (1991), Keys to Ascension (1996), Keys to Ascension 2 (1997), Open Your Eyes (1997), The Ladder (1999), Magnification (2001), Fly from Here (2011)

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  • Viktor

    This was by far one of the best interview I’ve ever heard. Great work ;) You made Steve a “real” person… and a lovely guy. Very enjoyable, thank you.

  • Fred

    Fantastic Interview, the best I have ever heard wtih Steve. Great job!!!!!