Jimi Jamison Interview | Survivor Singer talks Rocky IV

Jimi Jamison, vocalist for Hard Rock American group Survivor.

Jimi Jamison Interview

Jimi Jamison Interview

Jimi Jamison Interview

  • Jimi Jamison talks about working on his latest projects.
  • Collaboration¬†with the internet for songwriting and recording.
  • Jamison talks about the Rocky IV soundtrack with the song Burning Heart.
  • Jamison talks about the internet age and how it changed the music industry.
  • Jamison talks about the unreleased Survivor material.
  • Music being like a big loop returning always to the pioneers.


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  • tentantoes

    I never knew the name behind some of my very very favorite songs.from the days when I could.hear.And that I can still hear in my head and sing. Until now. God Bless.you.