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Shinedown interview with Zach Myers, guitarist for Jacksonville, Florida’s hard rock band Shinedown. Zach was also bassist for Memphis Tennessee’s alternative metal band Saliva. Also he made part of Alabama’s hard rock band Brother Cane. As well as being guitarist and lead vocals for Tennessee’s rock supergroup the Fairwell.

  • Zach Myers talks about going on the Kiss tour in July with Shinedown.
  • We discuss who’s idea was to get Shinedown on tour with Kiss this summer.
  • The childhood dream of playing on tour with the legendary group.
  • August 1, 2013 will be the date the band comes to Halifax, NS to give a great show.
  • On this tour the set list will be around 8 songs.
  • The band having 17 number 1 singles in the US.
  • The band does not write music on the road. So nothing is set in stone for a new album.
  • The groups guitar tones and how it is the same as any other tours.
  • How is a promo video now and the importance to it with the internet.
  • Reality shows versus music videos?
  • What is the importance of billboard charts for the band?




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