CHUCK WRIGHT Interview QUIET RIOT Bassist talks Randy Rhoads

Chuck Wright, American bassist for notable Hard Rock & Heavy Metal groups Quiet Riot, Giuffria, House Of Lords, Ted Nugent, Gregg Allman, Impellitteri, Doro, Cheap Trick, Sam Kinison and Mr. Big.

Quiet Riot Chuck Wright

  • Chuck Wright talks about Kevin DuBrow, the 1983 Metal Health record and the 1984 Condition Critical.
  • We disucuss a lot of Randy Rhoads information and discussion in this interview.
  • How it was meeting Randy Rhoads in person.
  • We talk about the Ozzy Osbourne rehearsals with Randy Rhoads.
  • The idea behind the chorus of the Metal Health song with “Bang Your Head” how Randy Rhoads came up with the idea of “Bang Your Head” the song was originally titled “No more booze”.
  • The digital era, how it evolved. The differences between sound quality with examples of sonic values of a recording.

Chuck Wright Discography: Quiet Riot – Metal Health (1983) Condition Critical (1984) QR III (1986) Terrified (1994) Down to the Bone (1995) House Of  Lords – House of Lords (1988) Sahara (1990) Power And The Myth (2003) Live In The U.K. (2005) Antholgy (2008) Impellitteri – Stand in Line (1988) – Grin and Bear It (1992) Mr. Big – Actual Size (2001) Greatest Hits (2004) Influences And Connections (2004) Giuffria (1985) Doro – Doro (1990) Cheap Trick – Busted (1990) Sam Kinison – Leader of the Banned (1990) Michael Schenker – Heavy Hitters (2005) Stephen Pearcy – Stripped (2006) Travers and Appice – Bazooka (2006) Matt Sorum – Hollywood Zen (2007) Ted Nugent – If You Can’t Lick ‘Em…Lick ‘Em (1988) Gregg Allman – I’m No Angel/demos (1987)

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