Paul Di’Anno, Lead singer for Legendary Heavy Metal group Iron Maiden from 1978 to 1981.Paul Di’Anno 1981 iron maiden

Paul Di’Anno Interview

  • We talk about Paul’s current activity’s in music.
  • How does a singer perform on stage when sick considering playing around 275 shows a year.
  • Paul Di’Anno going out on tour with Blaze Bayley.
  • Being both former frontman’s for Iron Maiden must be great for the fans.
  • New album in the works soon for Di’Anno.
  • How complicated is it to find band members to play with.
  • Using the old Chuck Berry trick of finding band members everywhere for different countries.
  • In a couple more years he will be quitting the touring scene.
  • But we will still Paul doing albums for the fans.
  • Being on tour for 8 years and how it has been on the road.
  • Whats Paul’s vision towards Social Media online.
  • How does Paul Di’Anno look at his work with Iron Maiden certainly the Killers album.
  • Maiden Japan being a great template for live albums.
  • Paul being humble and down to earth with his fans.
  • Paul enjoying the first Iron Maiden better then the other ones.
  • How it was playing live in Iraq for the soldiers.
  • Di’Anno’s auto-biography and how the book turned out and what’s next.
  • Writing again in the future to write possibly a novels.