Blaze Bayley, English Heavy Metal singer for Wolfsbane and legendary Heavy Metal group Iron Maiden from 1994 to 1999.Blaze Bayley singer

In this interview…

  • Blaze Bayley talks about his tour with Wolfsbane.
  • We talk about the Wolfsbane latest album Wolfsbane Save the World.
  • Working with classical artists to change the classic songs.
  • Going on tour with former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno. To play shows for the fans and sing the classic songs.
  • The solo album The King of Metal. Bringing the Metal back into music.
  • How does Blaze enjoy record now digital being the way to go.
  • Who is the King of Metal and the concept for this album. Being the fans.
  • The artwork for the King of Metal.
  • How is concepts looked at now.
  • Finding different type of fans in different countries.
  • Keeping updated online with the official website and Facebook.



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