Jeff “Mantas” Dunn, guitarist for Heavy Metal bands Venom, Primevil, Dryll.Jeff Dunn mantas guitarist

Jeff “Mantas” Dunn Interview

  • Jeff Dunn talks about Primevil latest album updates.
  • Jeff talks about cover songs played with Primevil.
  • We discuss about his other band Drill.
  • He talks about the Venom days.
  • Jeff would like to put the name Venom to rest.
  • We talk about his favorite Venom albums.
  • Jeff Dunn talks about creating the Venom sound.The origins of Black Metal music.
  • Take every Heavy Metal Cliché ever and poor it in a pot and stir it.
  • It becomes Venom.Venom rehearsing in a Church Hall out of all the places for a group with Venom.
  • How quickly the band Venom rised to the top.
  • Jeff “Mantas” talks about taking Metallica on the road.
  • Venom being the headliner.
  • Jeff talks about the famous Venom concert intro tape.



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