Jack Hues Wang Chung

Wang Chung

Jack Hues Interview: English musician notable for forming chart topping group Wang Chung.

In this interview…

  • Jack Hues talks about the latest Wang Chung album Tazer Up!
  • Not doing too much between 1990 and 2005.
  • The band getting together after the Hit Me, Baby, One More Time TV show.
  • Finding some songs from the 1990’s to release on this latest album.
  • How recording albums changed since 1982.
  • Where does the name for Tazer Up! come from and it’s artwork.
  • We talk about who is playing on the album. Mainly Jack and Nick Feldman.
  • We talk about the Loudness wars in mastering albums.
  • The experience of vinyl recordings.
  • The TV references of Wang Chung and how it is getting more famous as a interesting phrase.