deicide 2013 band photo

Glen Benton and Deicide

Exclusive Glen Benton Interview – vocalist and bassist for legendary Death Metal band Deicide.

In this interview…

  • How has life been for Glen Benton these days?
  • The new Deicide album In the Minds of Evil.
  • Bass playing in Death Metal and with it’s speed.
  • How is the brutal vocals keeping up.
  • Keeping the Benton voice up to date since the beginning of Deicide.
  • Control in a voice is the key to the success.
  • The long future of Deicide and how many more albums to be made.
  • The music scene in 100 years from now according to Glen Benton.
  • The new Deathcore scene and Death Metal how it is.
  • How is Glen’s hearing from years of loud music.
  • Glen’s first interview in years.
  • Working with the bands present lineup for the next albums.
  • The suicide at 33 story.
  • We talk about the 1988 Amon TV Show special.
  • The artwork behind Once Upon the Cross and it’s concept.
  • Glen’s inverted cross on the forehead and the idea behind it.

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