Fear Factory Top Songs

1 – Shock
It’s rare when the opening song to an album can set the mood, and the intensity, and yet “Shock” is able to match all of those definitions. It’s easily to me, the DEFINITIVE Fear Factory song. – BloodyThunderX

2 – Replica
Awesome drums at the beginning and the ultimate Roadrunner anthem truly kickass

3 – Demanufacture
In my opinion, the definitive fear factory song, a very raw, thick sound, mixed with some electronic parts.

4 – Pisschrist
A powerful song that hasn’t been able to be matched even to this day. Still remains as one of my all time favourite Fear Factory songs. The fact that it isn’t any higher is a disappointment, but still, it’s Fear Factory, so I can’t argue against that.

5 – Fear Campaign

6 – Linchpin

7 – Powershifter

8 – Edgecrusher

9 – Self Bias Resistor

10 – Resurrection

List source https://www.thetoptens.com/best-fear-factory-songs/



Fear Factory is an American heavy metal band that was formed in 1989. Throughout the band’s career, they have released nine full-length albums and have evolved through a succession of styles, including nu metal, death metal, groove metal, and thrash metal. Fear Factory was enormously influential on the heavy metal scene in the mid-to-late 1990s. Fear Factory went on hold in March 2002 following some internal disputes, but re-formed a year later without founding member Dino Cazares, adding bassist Byron Stroud, and previous bassist Christian Olde Wolbers as guitarist.

In April 2009, a new lineup was announced. Cazares returned as lead and rhythm guitarist, and Gene Hoglan as drummer. Bell and Stroud reprised their respective roles, and the band completed a seventh studio album titled Mechanize. Former members Wolbers and Raymond Herrera—both of whom were playing in Arkaea—disputed the legitimacy of the new lineup, and a legal battle from both parties was begun. Since then, Fear Factory has released two more albums: The Industrialist (2012) and Genexus (2015).

Over the years, Fear Factory has seen changes in its members, with lead vocalist Burton C. Bell being the only consistent member since 1989. The band has performed at three Ozzfests and the inaugural Gigantour. Their singles have charted on the US Mainstream Rock Top 40 and albums on the Billboard Top 40, 100, and 200, and they have sold more than a million albums in the U.S. alone.



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