Amy Rose singer

Amy Rose

Amy Rose, Canadian new country artist. Interview July 30, 2013.

Amy Rose Interview

1. What’s new in the world of Amy Rose?
A ton of really exciting things including a new Canadian single called “Sunshine” which was released to country music radio on July 22nd!!! Were gearing up to open for country music duo Big & Rich on August 24th (Music In The fields Festival) in Lucknow, Ontario and I’ll also be heading to New York in October for a mini press tour… SUPER EXCITED!!!

2. Where did the influences come from for the song Party like a Redneck?
Well that would be my “Redneck” family of course!!! LoL

3. Are you keeping busy this summer with tour dates?
Life has been extremely busy with tour date, press and radio interviews and not to mention a new single..

4. What equipment are you currently endorsing, etc.
Nothing at the moment…

5. Without Social Media could bands today manage to survive?
Social media is a HUGE part of the industry and I do believe it plays a HUGE factor in today’s artist, signed or independent…

amy rose country singer

Amy Rose

6. What were your earliest influences in life?
Dolly Parton baby!!! I absolutely adore and idealize her…

7. What would be some of your main influences today?
My Children… I am a proud Mommy to three of the most incredible daughters in this world and they inspire me to be all I can be and are the reason why I walk around everyday with this big smile on my face… :)

8. What could we find interesting in your music collection at home?
Mmmmbop by Hanson!!! I loved this group growing up and had such a school girl crush on them… LoL (That song is actually my cell ring tone) Hehe :)

9. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician on tour?
I have to say though my schedule has been crazy busy with working on the new album, song writing, shows, press tours, radio and written interviews, that I have the most AMAZING manager Mr. Michael Stover that keeps my day to day schedule grounded and organized…   (Without him I would be lost…)

10. Where do you see music going in 100 years from now?
Mars!!! (Oh wait it’s probably already been there…) LoL

Extra questions for Amy Rose
Life without music would be: Torture…
Favorite movie: Dirty Dancing..
Favorite sport: Shopping (I class this as a sport!!!) LoL
Favorite food: Chinese Food…
Favorite drink: Vodka Smirnoff Ice…
Favorite saying: Cool Beans Baby…
Favorite car: Dodge Viper…
Favorite book: Confessions of a Shopaholic…
Favorite band: Bon Jovi…
CD or Vinyl: CD…
Star Wars or Star Trek: My Husband is saying Star Wars… LoL
PC or Mac: Mac!!!



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