Attila Csihar Interview, lead vocalist for legendary Black Metal band Mayhem.

In this interview…

  • We talk about De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive album.
  • How the sound quality for the live album was achieved.
  • How does the album compare to the 1994 release.
  • November 4th Ontario, Canada Mayhem concert.
  • The North American tour from november 1st to december 2nd with Immolation and Black Anvil.
  • Performing live each night sometimes doing 4 shows in a row, how does it work for the voice.
  • Number 40 spot on the Rolling Stone Magazine for greatest metal album of all time with De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas.
  • Recording and working in the studio with Euronymous, Vrag Vickernes and Hellhammer.


Norwegian black metal icons MAYHEM will begin the second leg of their European live incursion this week. The Purgatorium Europæ – Pars Duorum tour will begin Friday September 29th in Berlin, Germany and level more than two dozen cities, drawing to a close on October 27th in Gothenburg, Sweden. Support will be provided by Inferno, The Ominous Circle, Dragged Into Sunlight, Deus Mortem, Barshasketh, and Voodus on select dates. See all confirmed dates below.
Following their European stampede, MAYHEM will descend upon North America for a month-long journey set to commence on November 3rd and run through December 2nd. Support will be provided by Immolation and Black Anvil, the latter of which appeared with the band on their last stateside expedition. MAYHEM has been commemorating the release of their 1994 landmark De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas full-length with a worldwide live takeover performing the monumental record in its entirety. Stateside fans who missed the spectacle the first time around get one last chance this November on the Purgatorium Americæ Septentrionalis- Pars Duorum tour.