Adam Wakeman live

Adam Wakeman

Adam Wakeman Interview, Keyboardist for Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Snakecharmer and Headspace.

  • Adam Wakeman talks about working on the Snakecharmer album.
  • Touring with Ozzy Osbourne and Friends and playing with Black Sabbath.
  • How is it going on tours and working in the music industry.
  • We talk about the history of the Snakecharmer project.
  • Recording details with the Snakecharmer album.
  • Tour dates for the band coming soon.
  • Playing with so many legendary players.
  • TheĀ greatnessĀ of Whitesnake and its musicians that made it.
  • How has keyboard technology changed since the days of Rick Wakeman his father.
  • What type of equipment is Adam using on tour now.