Rob Halford: Judas Priest Singer (2010 Interviews)

Rob Halford, English vocalist for Heavy Metal band Judas Priest.Rob Halford leather

In this interview…

  • Rob Halford talks about the remastered “Crucible” & “live in Anaheim” CD’s.
  • Rob Halford talks about Roy Z. producer.
  • Metal god talks as well about his websites.
  • Metal Fest in Montreal.
  • Ozzfest for the summer.
  • Rob Halford talks about songwriting on his off time.
  • Recording demo songs with his IPhone.
  • Looking at the past of recording and the future of recording equipment.
  • The change in advancements with monitors on stage from the early days till the present.
  • Unreleased Judas Priest video archives.
  • Judas Priest Nostradamus album Jim Bartek listening to the album for over 365 days straight.

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J.S. Hey Rob, how’s it going?

R.H. Everything’s great, thank you.

J.S. So Rob Halford, you’ve kept yourself busy with your new companies I see.

R.H. Yeah, very busy.

J.S. … and releasing Cd’s, and you know, you’ve got 2 new ones coming out, Crucible and Live in Anaheim, you know, what do you think of it, going back to the archives to find the master tapes?

R.H. Yeah, it’s all valuable you know, I mean, I think from my point of view everything that I try and make should be able to be of some value to the metal community, you know, from the moment it’s made on-wards. Of course you don’t really have much of a control over that, you can just go with your heart leads you to a certain extent when you’re actually making Metal, but I think all of us that make Metal for our fans would like to believe that if we made a song in, I don’t know, 1970, that it might be around in 2010….