Gus G, Heavy Metal guitarist from Greece. Notable for playing with bands Firewind & Ozzy Osbourne.

Gus G Ozzy Osbourne

Photo Patric Ullaeus

Photo by Patric Ullaeus

Jason Saulnier: Tell me about Firewind’s album Days of Defiance, that you guys released last October.

Gus G: It’s our sixth studio album. It’s got something like 13 brand new tracks. It’s doesn’t really differ from anything we’ve done in the past. The whole idea was to take the best elements of past albums and put them into one, and really establish our sound and style.

Jason: How long did it take to do this album in the studio?

Gus: We actually took our time with it. We didn’t rush it. We wanted to be super happy with it. We didn’t even tell the label when we started recording it. We kind of did everything low key. We recorded everything in our home studios. Everyone in the band has Pro Tools set up and everything.

We produced it ourselves, engineered it ourselves. We started writing some of the songs on the road in 2008. The real songwriting sessions started in the beginning in 2009. By the summer of 2009 we were done with everything and that’s when we started recording. I think from July or August.

Jason: So, basically, Firewind produced the album.

Gus: Yes. Mainly me and Bob [Katsionis], and we kind of were in charge of the whole recording and production. It’s more of a do it yourself kind of record. We really wanted to take control over things this time.

Jason: Listening to the first track “Ark of Lies,” that’s one powerful track. The sound quality, for you guys to produce that yourself in a basement, is quite impressive.

Gus: We really didn’t do it in a basement. When I say we did it in our home studio I mean I don’t mean that we used cheap ass equipment or something.

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