Rick Derringer Interview at the Dutch Mason Blues Festival in Bible Hill, Truro, Nova Scotia. August 8th, 2014

In this interview…

Rick Derringer Jason Saulnier dutch mason blues festival

Rick Derringer and Jason Saulnier from Music Legends

  • We talk about Rick Derringer working with Kiss on Lick it up with the solo for Exciter.
  • Usually when someone needs his expert guitar playing on an album they call him.
  • Second time in Nova Scotia having played Dutch Mason Blues Festival once before and really enjoying it.
  • He discusses the secret in his guitar tone playing with two amplifiers one being a Marshall JCM 800.
  • He uses a Dumble Amplifier as well.
  • Having your own power cables to make sure the sound is to perfect sounds.
  • We talk about solid core silver speaker cable.
  • Rick keeps on releasing albums each year.

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