Richie Castellano, American guitarist and keyboardist for Platinum selling hard rock band Blue Oyster Cult.

In this interview…

  • Richie talks about coming to Halifax, NS with Blue Oyster Cult.
  • How the times of touring has certainly changed.
  • We talk about guitar simulations and the effects of the new generation.
  • We discuss Richie’s endorsements Ernie Ball Music Man guitars. Slime Burst guitar color.
  • We show in detail the Ernie Ball Music Man Guitar.
  • What does Richie think of Vintage gear.
  • Teaching the guitar to students makes you learn new things.
  • Which Blue Oyster Cult era does Richie enjoy more.
  • We talk about the female fronted group Morning Starlett.
  • What is going on for 2013.

Interview with Richie Castellano from 2011



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