Lita Ford, American Hard Rock guitarist formerly from the Runaways.Lita Ford live

In this interview…

  • Lita Ford talks about B.C. Rich guitars.
  • “Dancing on the Edge” album 1984 featuring Randy Castillo (Ozzy Osbourne), Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi) & Aldo Nova.
  • Lita talks about how it was like to be with Randy Castillo in the studio.
  • Working with Ozzy Osbourne in 1988 on the song “Close my eyes forever” with Video details.
  • Lita’s new album “Wicked Wonderland” details Greg Hampton on guitar.
  • Touring with Queensryche as backing band & Alice Cooper’s band as a back-line.
  • P.J. Farley (Trixter), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses).
  • The secret of Lita Ford’s guitar tone with the Marshall 800 series.