Kane Roberts Interview 2010 Alice Cooper Guitarist

Kane Roberts, guitarist from Heavy Metal and Hard Rock groups Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart and Status Quo.Kane Roberts 1989 Alice Cooper

Kane Roberts Interview

  • Kane Roberts talks about the band “Phoenix Down”.
  • The greatness of YouTube also talked about computers and technology.
  • Kane Roberts talks about the Alice Cooper days, where is the Machine Gun guitar now Dallas & Israel.
  • Bodybuilding and having the Rambo guitarist look and playing guitar.
  • Alice Cooper 1986 “Constrictor” & 1987 “Raise your fist and yell”.
  • Kane Roberts Amps and effects for the Alice Cooper albums & tours his 50 Watt Marshall modified & Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier.
  • Guitar tracks recorded for both Alice Cooper albums & how it was done. His guitars Gibson Les Paul 20th anniversary & Fender stratocaster.
  • Kane’ Songwriting process with Alice Cooper.
  • He talks about songwriting with Kiss & Bob Ezrin the song “Take It Off” from “Revenge”.
  • Kane Roberts recorded with Rod Stewart “Every Beat of My Heart” 1986.
  • Vinnie Vincent opening for Alice Cooper in the Constrictor tour.

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