Kane Roberts, guitarist from Heavy Metal and Hard Rock groups Alice Cooper, Rod Stewart and Status Quo.Kane Roberts 1989 Alice Cooper

Kane Roberts Interview

  • Kane Roberts talks about the band “Phoenix Down”.
  • The greatness of YouTube also talked about computers and technology.
  • Kane Roberts talks about the Alice Cooper days, where is the Machine Gun guitar now Dallas & Israel.
  • Bodybuilding and having the Rambo guitarist look and playing guitar.
  • Alice Cooper 1986 “Constrictor” & 1987 “Raise your fist and yell”.
  • Kane Roberts Amps and effects for the Alice Cooper albums & tours his 50 Watt Marshall modified & Roland Jazz Chorus amplifier.
  • Guitar tracks recorded for both Alice Cooper albums & how it was done. His guitars Gibson Les Paul 20th anniversary & Fender stratocaster.
  • Kane’ Songwriting process with Alice Cooper.
  • He talks about songwriting with Kiss & Bob Ezrin the song “Take It Off” from “Revenge”.
  • Kane Roberts recorded with Rod Stewart “Every Beat of My Heart” 1986.
  • Vinnie Vincent opening for Alice Cooper in the Constrictor tour.

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