James Kottak, drummer for Scorpions, Montrose, Kingdome Come, McAuley Schenker Group, Warrant, Dio and Michael Lee Firkins.James Kottak Scorpions

 In this interview…

  • James talks about about the Scorpions European tour.
  • Scorpions meet and greet and how great it is to meet the fans.
  • James talks about the Scorpions endorsements and equipment.
  • James talks about recording the Scorpions Comeblack album.
  • The Comeblack album was mostly record at Rudolf Schenker’s studio.
  • James talks about life on the road with Scorpions.
  • He talks about writing the next Kottak solo album.
  • Recording demos on iPod’s and how they work well for ideas etc.
  • James talks about rock n roll tired versus regular tired.


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