Every Hour Kills Interview with guitarist Sacha Laskow talks about the bands debut EP and more.

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Every Hour Kills

Every Hour Kills Interview

– What’s new in the world of Every Hour Kills?

We landed on the moon! We also just released our EP and music video.

– How was it recording your album debut EP?

It was hard, but rewarding. Like taking a really good dump or how i’d imagine having a baby would feel like, including postpartum depression.

– The quality for the music video Every Hour Kills is incredible and the effects you used. How was the process for this?

Thanks, that is mostly the work of our mad scientist friend and genius director Doug Cook. We collaborated on the visual treatment based on the lyrics and then he took it from there. What a guy!

– When writing a song, is there such a thing as investing too much time? What’s the shortest time you ever took to write one? What was your strangest inspiration?

I don’t think so, it takes as long as takes. When you’ve written a lot of songs you start to learn how to read your gut feelings and understand when something is ‘right’. It could take 5 minutes or it could take 5 years, every song is it’s own trip, man. The worst thing you can say is ‘good enough’. That’s why every song for us is a single. Plus with our style everything is very produced, it goes through many stages and revisions to get to the final cut. For strange inspirations well life is strange isn’t it? A lot of things are surprisingly made from mistakes.

– Vinyl is making a comeback. Do you have a personal preference? Is your band producing on vinyl?

I consume most of my music digitally so it doesn’t really affect me personally, but each to their own. If there was a demand for it I’d certainly consider it.

– Do you have any tours coming up in the near future?

We aren’t really a road dog type of band, we are all functional adults with careers / mortgages / families etc. so extensive touring is just not in our reality.

– How many shows do you play per year on average, and how crazy does the schedule get?

Not very many, but nonetheless it can be hard to find the time to write / record / rehearse all between normal life and working full time etc. That’s the sacrifice we make to shred.

– How is the music scene in your area these days? Are clubs still popular?

It’s pretty decent for Canada actually! We just don’t have the population to match the intensity of crowds in Europe or even the US but we make our own maple-coated fun.

– Could you describe some of your earliest influences in life and in music?

Arnold Schwarzenegger was my hero. In music it was a melting pot of things, my brother got me into Metal very early and I never looked back. I loved the power and emotion created by bands like Iron Maiden, Venom and Judas Priest and then later on got big into more progressive and technical stuff like Dream Theater and Cynic.

– Where do you see music in general going in 100 years from now?

I don’t think we can imagine what life will be like in 100 years due to the Singularity. Look it up! ;)


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