Billy Rankin, guitarist for Hard Rock band Nazareth & Scorpions.Billy Rankin Nazareth live

  • Billy talks about being the breakfast presenter with 96.3 Rock Radio, Scotland’s first classic rock station.
  • Touring days with Nazareth.
  • The Famous SCORPIONS guitar job which Rankin acquired.
  • How Billy joined the Scorpions in 1979 as the new guitarist.┬áBut did not stay with the band due to language barriers.
  • Talking about the amps and guitars used in Nazareth.
  • We talk about Phil Collen from Def Leppard’s amplifier on stage.
  • Billy Rankin talks about playing Detroit Cobo Hall and Loosing 5 guitars one night.
  • Billy talks about writing songs for Meat Loaf.

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