Beamer Wigley is a young musician from Canada who started playing guitar at 5, singing and performing at 7 and and writing music. He is also an actor.Beamer Wigley

Beamer Wigley Interview

Q: What’s new in the world of Beamer Wigley?

A: A lot has been going on! There was the release of my first single Meteorite to iTunes and then to radio this month, and also the official music video for it! Next it’s mainly preparations for my album release in September! I also just shot a new music video for my next single. There have been a lot of gigs to prepare for, including a supporting act for the opener for Country Night at Penticton Peach Fest.

Q: How was it to record your single, “Meteorite?”

A: Recording Meteorite with the wonderful Jeff Johnson was a great experience. Unfortunately, I was very sick while recording but I don’t think listeners are able to tell. It is a recording session I won’t soon forget!

Q: How many shows do you play per year on average, and how crazy does the schedule get?

A: It ranges and can be as many as 100 shows a year. For instance, in the first week of August I have four shows in that one week. The schedule can get very crazy trying to balance the gigs and rehearsal times along with writing new songs. I also do a lot of musical theatre work so it is sometimes hard to fit that in along with school but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Q: How was it filming the music video for “Meteorite?”

A: It was absolutely amazing. The location that we filmed in was absolutely beautiful. It was like walking into a National Geographic photo. I had a great crew to work with from Glass Hero Media and having that made everything run smoothly. The whole experience was surreal.

Q: Tell me about your song-writing process? Do you believe there is such a thing as spending too much time on a song?

A: My song writing process is impossible to explain because I never write two songs the same way. I just write whatever comes to me first. I used to write alone but lately I have been doing a lot of co-writing over Skype. I am really enjoying the co-writing side of things and sharing my ideas with other creators. I think there is such a thing as tweaking a song too much. If you start tweaking it too much, you start to mess with things you shouldn’t be changing.

Q: Your voice is a delicate instrument. How long did it take you to perfect it? What do you do to keep it strong and healthy?

A: I have been working with an amazing vocal coach since I was seven. She was able to bring me through my voice change with no down time and is always protecting my vocal chords. I am classically trained and the control used in classical singing has helped me be able to control my vocals with no strain or cracks during my voice change. My go to, to protect my vocal chords, is honey. I take a tablespoon before I sing and it keeps things running smooth.

Q: How important is it for a musician in this generation to spend time on social media?

A: It is one of the most important things. It is how you gain the largest part of your fan base when you are starting. It is the best means to connect with fans and promote your music. Fans on social media are always willing to jump in and help you share your music and just help in any way they can to promote you.

Q: In your opinion, which album would be essential to have if someone were stranded on a deserted island?

A: In my opinion Keith Urbans, Ripcord is a must. There is not a single bad song on this album. It is absolutely amazing. There are a lot of calming songs on it, that you could just sit back relax and listen to, while you wait to be rescued.

Q: Where do you see music in general going in 100 years from now?

A: This is an almost impossible question to answer. Music has changed so much in the last 20 years let alone 100. I do worry that it may all become electronic and there will be no live musicians.

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