Allison Weiss is an American Powerpop / Indie Rock singer-songwriter. Interview June 11, 2014.allison weiss outside

Questions and Answers

Life without music would be: Boring
Favorite Artist or Band: Jenny Lewis
Favorite Concert: Tegan & Sara at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Sept 2008
Favorite Album: Rilo Kiley – “The Execution of All Things”
Favorite Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal?????
Favorite Movie: The Royal Tenenbaums
Favorite Sport: American FOOTBALL
Favorite Food: Hot Wingz
Favorite Drink: 7eleven Slurpees
Favorite word: “Summer”
Favorite Car: 2001 Ford E350 passenger van, white
Favorite Book: Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
Horror or Comedy: Comedy
CD or Vinyl: Vinyl
Star Wars or Star Trek: Wars
PC or Mac: Mac
Coke or Pepsi: N/A
Favorite vacation spot: High up on a mountain
Cats or dogs: Either one as long as they’re big
Facebook or Twitter: Tweetin’

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