There has been much said in the press in recent times about the current state of rock music.  But the genre’s demise has been greatly exaggerated, as evidenced by some of the most popular tours this year being rock-based – including the “Make America Rock Again” package tour, which includes performances by Scott Stapp of CREED, DROWNING POOL, TRAPT, SICK PUPPIES & ADELITAS WAY (line-ups varying form show to show).  And on two of the shows, the fast-rising ALARM FORWAR will be joining the bill – October 1st in Jerome, ID and October 2nd in Missoula, MT.Touring in support of their brand new EP, ‘Enemies of the State,’ the band – which is led by 13-year-old rapper/vocalist Buggy – will undoubtedly win over new fans on the strength of the material from the aforementioned release. “I am very excited to get out there and connect with the audience,” explains Buggy. “I have no doubt it will be something worth remembering. Exactly what is on the CD is what to expect LIVE – expect to have a LOT of FUN!”

The EP is comprised of six tracks total, and can be purchased via this link:

Joining Buggy in the Alarm for War line-up are guitarist KISA, bassist Fletcher, and drummer Smitty, the band has been described as “Rage Against the Machine on steroids meets Layne Staley- era Alice in Chains”.

A video was recently premiered for one of the EP’s best tracks, “Day Turned to Night.”

About the video, Buggy states Zach was a kid who was hooked on drugs, who was told to STOP or it just might cost him his life. Zach was found dead in a bathroom floor after huffing paint. Standing around his body, someone asked, “Where’s your God at now?” Someone else in the crowd said, “The same place he was when he was warning Zach.” In other words, don’t blame God for the choices that you make, especially when he was faithful in warning us before tragedy takes place. Additionally, another clip has been filmed for the track “Love And Not Hate.”

Both clips can be viewed here: