Ex ‘Iron Maiden/Samson drummer with of course his own eponymously named band. Known for its history of having strong female vocalists ‘Viixen’ has now taken over that role. He says of her “I had been after Viixen for a while, first talking to her in 2016 but the timing was never right due to other commitments that we both had, but 2018 will see it happen – the band is perfect for her, the theatrics, the energy and outrage allow her to express all of her ‘several personalities’…! Her ‘Hurricane’ vocals are well suited to performing Thunderstick and Samson (circa Bruce Dickinson era) onstage”.

– How is the life of Viixen these days?
Hi there, the life of Viixen is simply fantastic! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, surrounded by music, freedom, creativity, love and positivity.. I couldn’t ask for more!
– How did you end up joining Thunderstick? I’m sure it’s a wild ride for sure.
Barry Graham Purkis (Thunderstick) contacted me through facebook after hearing me perform. I was moved by the passing of Jodee Valentine and after hearing her sing the Thunderstick material I was inspired to sing them myself.  I had a meeting with Barry and his lovely wife Jo and I recorded myself singing some Thunderstick songs… it was all go from there.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience so far, a great bunch of guys and very supportive fans. I love the vibrancy of the music and the creative energy, I literally live, breath and bleed these songs and I’m so excited to get this show on the road.
– How do you spend your time online? Using Facebook for hours or just a simple YouTube browsing?
I do use Facebook to connect with people but most of my time online is on you tube watching my favourite bands perform live.  I also love music documentaries, the lives and tales from musical geniuses fill me with adoration and propel me deeper in to the music I love. My other online activity is on sites such as pinterest, I use them to get ideas for stage outfits, then I go on ebay for hours finding clothes I can modify to fit my ideas. In Thunderstick I have the freedom to express myself totally with my outfits and I’ve designed each one to fit the character of the song I’m singing..
– Any tour dates for the future?
Yes we have our first showcase gig on July 28th at the Red Lion in Gravesend. Then the week after we are playing the New Day Festival, Faversham.  Then November 11th we travel to Wales for the HRH NWOBHM festival.  We are have some European dates in the pipeline, dates not finalised as yet. Its going to be a great year for us!
– What are some notable bands you played with in the past?
I only started singing professionally 8 years ago, I started with girl rock band  ‘Plenty’, we were together for around 2 years, we mostly played locally in Kent and London.  I then went on to play with Black Roze rock band. I’ve been singing with Black Roze for five years, we have played all over the UK at various music venues and festivals. I’m at home on a stage performing, I thrive from seeing the crowds elation and moved when they sing right back at me.. it’s the best feeling imaginable!
– What would we be surprised to find in your music collection at home?
eeeeek… I have a few guilty pleasures! I have a wide eclectic taste in music as I love all music that makes me feel something. My love of rock n metal came from my teenage years, the dark doomy tons of Sabbath and maiden made me feel rebellious and free. Aside from metal I have stuff in my collection from Kate Bush to Siouxsie and the Banshees to Deep Purple to Marilyn Manson and Whitesnake to Type O Negative.. only to mention a few…I think lots of people would be surprised that I was very much in to my Dance music in the late 90’s, I loved to go to raves and dance my socks off swinging glow sticks around! It didn’t last long however, I’m a Rock Chick at heart!
– Where do you see rock music going in 100 years from now? Will the human race still exist in 100 years? If they are, I sincerely hope they are Rockin out! Or maybe Aliens will carry on our Rock n Roll? I gotta admit that some of the new rock/metal I’ve heard feels a little over produced. I love to hear individual instruments cutting through and pure voices.. there is something very special about a persons individual voice.. my worry is that with all the new technology in music production we might try and make it too perfect and destroy the rawness. For me music is what feelings sound like and if we take away the humanity we destroy the emotion that is conveyed. Rock n Roll is a magical force that connects, frees and empowers people.. it’s gotta be real!



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