Steven Adler, drummer from Hard Rock band Guns N’ Roses, Jacob Bunton (Singer, Guitarist), Lonny Paul (Guitarist).

Steven Adler InterviewSteven Adler Press Photo 2012

  • We talk about the new Adler release.
  • Working on new songs for Adler’s new band.
  • Steven Adler talks about being really happy and smiling about his new band.
  • Talking about the best bands in the world.
  • Jeff Pilson from Dokken and Foreigner playing bass on the latest album.
  • Playing with Slash and John 5 on this latest album.
  • Where did the name of the band Adler come from and not keeping the name Adler’s Appetite.
  • The name Adler means Eagle.
  • Axl Rose should have named his band War for hisĀ initials.
  • How has the new fame with the hit TV show Celebrity Rehab changed Steven Adler’s life.
  • Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) being one of Steven Adler’s biggest influence.

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