Steel Panther Halifax Michael Starr

Michael Starr

Michael Starr lead singer for the comedic glam metal band Steel Panther. In this interview we talk about coming to Halifax, the Canadian tour and much more.

Michael Starr Interview

  • Life on the road and playing their first show ever in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • The Steel Panther Well Hung Over Tour in Canada.
  • With the talent the band showcases how did the band decide to enter into this genre of music.
  • Talking about the classic Metal School / Steel Panther billboard on Sunset Boulevard.
  • Taking all the influences from the bands favorite videos to make there own masterpiece.
  • Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World how long it took to make.
  • Pedialyte being the cure to hangovers.

Steel Panther Halifax Forum Multi-Purpose Centre – PHOTOS




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