Tryg Littlefield, vocals for Alternative Rock band Fall From Grace. Interview March 9, 2012Fall From Grace band 2012

Fall From Grace Interview

1. Could you tell me about the recording of Fall From Grace’s album The Romance Years?
Absolutely! Fall From Grace lost our rhythm section of 5 years just literally days before we started writing and recording the album, so our good friend/producer/mixer Mike Caviezel stepped in and became “the 5th Beatle”, so to speak. He opened his personal recording studio to what took us a little over a year recording the record. Between Brian Olson, myself (Tryg Seatian Littlefield) and Mike Caviezel, we all got an opportunity to play all the instruments! I played bass and guitar on a couple tracks, Mike played drums, bass, and guitar on most tracks, and Brian played guitar and bass on tracks. All the singing was me and Mike. At the end of the day, it was a lengthy process, but kind of like “going to school” to write (what we considered) good songs. I loved it, and looked forward to it every day. And I miss it! Hah.

2. Where did most of the writing for the album The Romance Years happen on the road or at home?
All the writing for The Romance Years happened in Mike’s studio, however the inspiration came from my personal blogs on my Myspace. I started helping troubled youth deal with abuse and sexual identity. We wanted this record to be really very “REAL”, and encompass some of the issues I was dealing with, and issues the band had to deal with. What started as a hard writing process ended up blossoming into too much info! Literally…it was amazing!

3. What are your current endorsements?
Fall From Grace currently endorses Schecter Guitars, PRS Guitars, Mesa Boogie Amplification, Dean Markley Strings, Aquarian Heads, and Paiste Cymbals.

4. What’s your vision on Social Media as a tool to promote and get your music out?

My vision? I would have to say the Social Media/Viral Marketing is the ONLY way to get the word out about ANYTHING! People don’t even watch TV anymore, but the hook up online! Watching Hulu, YouTube, etc. Everyone in this entire world is running through the world wide web now, and if you truly want to get yourself out there, this truly is the only way to do precisely that. If you don’t you’re not utilizing the greatest tool that has ever existed!Fall From Grace

5. With all the bands coming out today. Do you keep updated with what comes out online at all?
All the time. Every one of the band mates is consistently bringing a new artist up that they’ve stumbled across. New bands that are blowing up, we should tour with, we sound like…they sound like us (haha). It’s all at your fingertips, and we’re constantly watching.

6. How is the current Music Scene in your area?
The music scene in Seattle has always been fantastic! There’s something here for everyone, literally! From jazz to blues to rock to metal, from theater to film to burlesque…it’s all here! Seattle is my favorite place to be (besides Los Angeles). This city is electric!

7. Could you tell us about your main influences?
I was raised mainly on black R & B music, mainly Chicago-style blues. My Father loved his blues, from Muddy Waters to BB King. I recently inherited his vinyl collection, and am constantly playing Albert King, Bobby Blue Bland, etc. Now as far as my influences for writing in Fall From Grace, well I would say that my background from soul and R & B comes into it every once in awhile, but honestly…80’s pop and rock is the main style of influence. Melodic rock, and guitar solos. Vocals that have very strong melody that can carry you away! Hahahaha.

8. What could we find interesting in your Music collection?

Prince‘s Purple Rain, on vinyl. That, a bottle of wine by candle light…voila! Perfection! :)Fall From Grace band

9. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician?
Waking up, coffee first thing (I’m from Seattle…that stereotype is TOTALLY true, haha), a phone interview and/or a publication interview (such as this), another cup of coffee…maybe breakfast somewhere in there. Going over my “to do” list (which is ALWAYS growing), and lining them up and knocking them down! Practice with the boys in the evening, always writing new songs and/or coming up with new song ideas. Hanging out at the local pub (Chupacabra, Alki Ave, West Seattle) and drinking with friends…unless I’m going to a burlesque show!

10. Will there be a Fall From Grace tour?
Absolutely! Without a doubt. And it will be in May and June. Can’t tell you with who yet, but it’s a phenomenal band, and we’re very fortunate to be joining them on the road!!

11. Are there any products or projects we can see from you in the future?
Play Kinect Xbox Games. I work in sound design when not on tour!

12. Any advice for musicians that are starting in the music industry?
Stick with it! Obsession is the only thing that makes dreams come true. Surround yourself with incredible people and you will become incredible…and unstoppable! :)

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