Mike Browning Interview | Morbid Angel Drummer talks After Death

by Jason SaulnierAugust 17, 2012
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Mike Browning, drummer for Death Metal bands Morbid Angel, Nocturnus, After Death.Mike Browning After Death

Mike Browning Interview


  • Mike Browning talks about his latest news in music.
  • Extreme drumming creating certain back problems sometimes.
  • Explaining the injurys he and Pete Sandoval had mostly from playing drums.
  • How fast can a drummer go in Death Metal and what is the human limit.
  • Beginning history of Morbid Angel and how were things back in them days.
  • Starting to play with Trey Azagthoth in 1981.
  • We talk about the Morbid Angel album Abominations of Desolation from 1991.
  • It was a limited issue of 10,000 copies.
  • The story about Abominations of Desolation and how it came to be.
  • Writing the songs on Abominations of Desolation album.
  • Bill Metoyer recording Slayer’s debut album and working with Metal Blade Records.
  • Pleasing the Necronomicon Gods while in Morbid Angel’s early days.
  • Egyptology and studying the Pyramids.
  • What are Pyramids built for and interesting questions.
  • Scientific studies on Egypt.
  • Jungles around the Pyramids in Eygpt 20,000 years ago with the belief the Pyramids are older then they actually are.
  • The Vatican having the biggest library in the world.
  • Upcoming Venom Tribute album with the song At War with Satan.
  • What is coming up with After Death band.