David Vincent, bassist and vocalist for Death Metal band Morbid Angel.Morbid Angel band 2012

In this interview…

  • David Vincent talks about playing Spread the Metal Festival in Halifax, NS
  • David talks about the latest Morbid Angel album Illud Divinum Insanus.
  • Details in how Illud Divinum Insanus was recorded.
  • Through out the years David explains the equipment used on albums and tours.
  • What type of effects does he use on his bass rig.
  • The Morbid Angel participation online and it’s influences.
  • Social Media how it can suck out your days work.
  • We talk about the promo videos for Blessed are the Sick and all it’s promotions back in the day.
  • Much Music banning Morbid Angel Rapture promo video, Too Much 4 Much.
  • How is life on the road for David Vincent.
  • Where did the business of selling cd’s has gone.
  • The technology of releasing albums on Vinyl.
  • Living in the digital world how things have changed through the years.
  • Where will Metal in general be in 100 years from now.
  • One of David Vincent’s car collection and building engines being a hot rodder.
  • Where will Morbid Angel be touring after this summer.
  • When will the next Morbid Angel album coming.
  • Is there unreleased Morbid Angel tracks.
  • Is there Morbid Angel concerts filmed in which we never seen and will they be released sometimes in the future.
  • The story behind getting Flemming Rasmussen to come to produce Covenant and become the best selling Death Metal album of all time.
  • The songwriting evolution of Morbid Angel from the past to now.
  • What are the songs David enjoys playing on a daily basis.
  • What is his favorite Metallica albums.