Dave Cousins, English vocalist and guitarist from English Rock band Strawbs.dave cousins strawbs

In this interview…

  • Dave Cousins talks about his North American tour.
  • Dave talks about touring in the past compared to now.
  • The evolution of the Strawbs.
  • The sound systems from the past to now the differences.


The Strawbs appeared 7 times on the Billboard top 200. The Strawbs appeared on the UK Singles Charts 3 times. The song Part of the Union made it to number 2 on the UK Singles Charts. The genres in which Dave Cousins has appeared in ranges from Bluegrass, progressive folk, glam rock and progressive rock. Dave Cousins instruments in which he plays consists of Guitar, banjo and Appalachian dulcimer. For a bit of history of the Strawbs. The Strawbs started out as a bluegrass group and eventually moved on to other styles like folk rock, glam rock and progressive rock. The Strawbs are best known for their hit Part of the Union, they toured with Supertramp in their Crime of the Century Tour in 1974. Dave Cousins has an degree in statistics and pure mathematics from the University of Leicester, also he has followed a career in radio. Dave Cousins was the producer for Denmark Radio from 1969–1979, and as well been Program Controller for Radio Tees from 1980–1982, and the Managing Director of Devon Air in Devon from 1982–1990.

Strawbs discography
Dragonfly 1970, From the Witchwood 1971, Grave New World 1972, Bursting at the Seams 1973, All Our Own Work 1973, Hero and Heroine 1974, Ghosts 1974, Nomadness 1975, Deep Cuts 1976, Burning for You 1977, Deadlines 1977, Don’t Say Goodbye 1987, Preserves Uncanned 1990, Ringing Down the Years 1991, Sandy Denny and the Strawbs 1991, Heartbreak Hill 1995, Baroque and Roll 2001, Strawberry Sampler Number 1 2001, Blue Angel 2003, Déjà Fou 2004, The Broken Hearted Bride 2008, Dancing to the Devil’s Beat 2009

Dave Cousins discography
Two Weeks Last Summer 1972, Old School Songs 1979, The Bridge 1994, Hummingbird 2002, Wakeman and Cousins “Live 1988” 2005, High Seas 2005, The Boy in the Sailor Suit 2007, Secret Paths 2008, Duochrome 2008