Trooper band live on stage with Ra McGuire

Ra McGuire and Trooper

Ra McGuire Interview singer for legendary Canadian rock band Trooper talks about Concerts, coming to Halifax the remastering of Hot Shots, Cold Water single, rare merchandise from back in the day with the band. June 6, 2014

In this interview…

  • The magic feeling of seeing Trooper live on stage.
  • Playing the song American Dream with the acoustic.
  • The possibility of having a single version of Cold Water available.
  • Ra McGuire talks vinyl and more.
  • His voice is keeping in shape and seems as fresh as it ever was.
  • The mastering of Hot Shots versus Hits from 10 Albums.
  • We discuss the rare Trooper merchandise that he sometimes sees at concerts.
  • The importance of stage presence at a concert.

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