Memory Of A Melody Interview | Singer Mario Galdos talks New Album

Mario Galdos, Vocalist for Hard Rock band Memory Of A Melody. Interview February 9, 2012Memory of a Melody band

Memory Of A Melody Interview

1. What are your current projects for 2012?

Currently the band is working on a new video for one of the record’s focus tracks as well as a live release for our fans! We also plan on touring all year long.

2. Could you describe your vocal style and has there been a change through out the years?
I take influence from everything. Oddly enough even from characters in movies. I want people to feel what I’m feeling with the words I sing, and the stories I tell. My constant self conflict is to always be better than I already am. So my focus is to not do the same thing over and over again. Like anything else, practice makes perfect. Although I’m by no means perfect, I do feel that I’ve given personality to my voice in the band.

3. How was the recording process for the Memory Of A Melody album Things That Make You Scream?
Most songs began as a concept on guitar. We literally had hundreds of ideas that weren’t organized. The first 5 songs we planned for the album were completely written, however after the 3rd song recorded (which was THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SCREAM), we knew exactly how to focus the ideas being written and the direction they headed in. First Wade and Roel worked on songs together arranging riffs that complimented one another and sounded good together. Next they would share their ideas with me and I’d suggest basic arrangement which would compliment vocals. From there we would present the songs to our producer, Bryan Scott so that he could work on a final arrangement.Memory of a Melody

4. What’s your vision on the Internet as a tool to promote and get your music out?

Internet is everything. I’m not sure if there would be any possiblity of being successful without it. With that being said, spreading the word, or SCREAM as I like to say is important. Although I don’t believe in piracy and illegal downloads, I do feel that promoting music and the band online is key. I wish for everyone on the internet to listen to Memory of a Melody at least once. Hopefully that will be enough to permanently hook the listener.

5. With all the bands coming out today. Do you keep updated with what comes out online at all?
absolutely. There’s no possible way to stay current with what’s going on if you don’t. It’s like anything else. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings.

6. How is the current Music Scene in your area?
As everything else, it could always be better, however I think having talented artists work together will change and expand the scene.

7. What could we find interesting in your Music collection?

I really like Johnny Cash. that guy was awesome!

8. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician?
It’s a daily hustle. Loading and unloading gear, working with different venue management, sleeping on couches, or sleeping bags. I’m constantly on the phone and attempting to multi task as much as possible for any given thing. It’s alot of work, but definitely worth it all when taking the stage.

9. Are there any upcoming tours?
Currently we’re doing short runs, but are working on some tours.

10. Any advice for singers that are starting in the music industry
Do it….don’t ever give yourself an excuse to not try something. Without trying, you immediately forfeit your chance to succeed.

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