Liv Warfield has one of the most promising voices in alternative, R&B and Soul today. She performed with such greats as Prince, B.B. King, The Roots, Dave Matthews Band and Al Green. Currently, Liv is performing with Prince and the New Power Generation.

1. What’s new in the life of LiV Warfield?
I am so excited about all that I have going on. Right now my priority is promoting the album and getting out there to perform. I love performing live and being with the wonderful band that I have. So, that is my main focus. I am also excited about being a VH1 “You Oughta Know Artist” because it has given me great exposure.

2. Where did the album concept for the Unexpected come from?
I had most of the songs written for a long time and I worked to really develop them to what they are right now. In terms of calling the album “The Unexpected” I was actually riding along in the car with my manager and out of no where said I was going to call the album “The Unexpected”. We always discuss journey of my life and my music experiences and how they just happened when I wasn’t even looking for it to happen. My entire journey has been Unexpected.

3. Who is all playing on the album?
My Portland band mates/NPGHORNZ: Ryan Waters(guitar), Marquay Seamster (bass), Pik Funk (bass), Christopher Tuner (keys), Tyrone Hendrix (drums), Ashley Seamster (vocals), Saeeda Wright (vocals), Phil Lassiter (trumpet,horn arranger), Roy Agee (trumpet,horn arranger), Keith Anderson, BK Jackson, Marcus Anderson, Adrian Crutchfield, Steve Reid, Lynn Grissett, Joey Rayfield, Sly Onyejiaka, Nick Mahone.

4. Any tours coming soon in promotion of this album?
Yes, I hope very soon. We are focusing on spring. We are definitely itching to play live domestic and internationally.

LiV Warfield The Unexpected album

LiV Warfield

5. The promo video for Why Do We Lie? is very clean and high definition. What do you think of promo videos today with YouTube and Social Media?
I think everyone is trying to find ways to stick out and be different. There are so many creatives out there that are doing such a great job. For right now, I wanted to start with making something clean and that was about the music. We focused on the musicianship and the slammin guitar lines.

6. What would be some of your earliest influences?
Etta James, Whitney Houston ,SWV, Janet Jackson, En Vouge, Sade, Clark Sisters, The Hawkins Family and Prince.

7. What’s your vision of the internet for musicians in the future?
The internet is definitely helping musicians out there. Right now I don’t have a song in rotation on the radio but the internet is allowing my music to be heard until I can get it into rotation. There is definitely good and bad with the internet You can receive information so quickly and music can be taken just as fast.

8. What could we find interesting in your music collection at home?
Sammy Davis Jr.,Bette Midler, Mothers Finest and Eddie Murphy…

9. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician?
I constantly have riffs going on in my head, so I am usually jotting something down or recording. During my off time I enjoy watching , constant old clips of performers, dancers and just studying my craft. I go back and forth a lot with my guitar player, Ryan Waters. We are usually sending stuff back and forth to come up with new music. I guess for me music is non stop.

10. Any words for future musicians?
Stay TRUE to your sound. It is ok to be unique and you don’t need gimmicks.. Along this journey I can’t tell you how many times that I have been told do what everyone else is doing. I didn’t want to compromise who I am as a musician. I am so happy that people are embracing the music and that I stayed true.

More fun questions with Liv Warfield

Life without music would be – numb
Favorite movie – Braveheart
Favorite sport – Track and Field
Favorite food – Ethopian
Favorite drink – Grand Marnier
Favorite saying – ”You’ll Never Pass this way again, Make it your best”
Favorite car – 1976 Challenger
Favorite book – Selected Poems of Langston Hughes
Favorite band – Black Bird & New Power Generation (I couldn’t name one)
Star Wars or Star Trek – Star Wars
PC or Mac – Mac
Vinyl or Cd – Vinyl

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