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Jimi Jamison

Jimi Jamison, American Rock singer and songwriter notable for being lead singer of Platinum selling band Survivor.

In this interview…

  • Jimi Jamison talks about his latest solo album Never Too Late.
  • How easy is it to record now a days in the studio.
  • Whose concept was the album cover.
  • Releasing albums now compared to the past how does it work.
  • Having big promotions push to get on top of things.
  • The song Everybody’s got a Broken Heart has power and almost everything a great song needs.
  • How is the songwriting process now a days.
  • Keeping Jimi’s voice in power and in tune through out the years.
  • The latest news on the band Survivor with a future record coming out.
  • Making promo videos now and how different it is to do now.
  • Using Ipad’s doing everything and using it as a mixing console for a live show.




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