Amon band video shoot with Jechael

Jechael and Amon

Amon Interview with Jechael, bassist and vocalist for the Death Metal band. In this interview we talk 7 string bass guitars and more.

In this interview…

  • Jechael talks about working with Eric and Brian Hoffman.
  • He talks about playing a 7 string bass with Amon.
  • We discuss about his history before joining the band.
  • We talk about Deicide and Glen Benton.
  • We talk about Amon’s new album Liar In Wait.

After recording their second demo in 1989, Amon changed their name to Deicide. Roadrunner Records forced them to do that because there was a song called “Amon” Belongs to “Them” on the King Diamond album, Conspiracy. The demos were later re-released on the Deicide compilation “Amon: Feasting the Beast”.

The Hoffman brothers started using the Amon name again in 2007, a few years after being kicked out of Deicide.



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