New Frank Palangi Interview for the latest EP Set Me Free.

– What’s new in the world of Frank Palangi?
Things have been rockin and rollin past few years keep busy doing music full time. I’ve opened for some amazing acts and worked with great people on my current EP. I just released my brand-new music video called Set Me Free on VEVO along with the ringtone out on iTunes.

– How was it recording Set Me Free EP?
It started off with meeting the band Daughtry one day in 2015 near my home town. After talking with the band I saw Brian Craddock, the guitarist, standing on the sidewalk and I walked over and introduced myself. We got talking and gave em my music and he mentioned about his studio in VA. He got back to me not too long after and started talking about the 1st single Break These Chains and coming down to the Cat Room Studios to record there with him. After we had an amazing session and I released the single and music video, I received great responses from my fans and outside sources. A year went by and I wanted to revamp some tunes and do another EP. I decided based on my budget at the time that I was going to set into the ring of mixing and producing the rest of EP. I had been recording on the side in my home studio for years and felt like this was the right step and to see if I could prove to myself that I could pull it off. Set Me Free has a lot to do being yourself and no matter how many doors shut, people knock you down; there’s always a way to move forward. Brian did the main guitars working with him again for that track and brought back Lester Estelle from Pillar/Kelly Clarkson’s Drummer who I had worked with before on my I Am Ready EP and mastering engineer Robert Venable from TN for the rest of the EP.

– Through the years you have picked up some endorsements. What current endorsements do you have?
Endorsement Deals- EQUIPMENT: WB Gear – (InTune Guitar Picks Inc., Best-Tronics Pro Audio, SITStrings, BigBlends, Prestige Guitars, GuitarGifts4U, Mental Case), Spector Guitars, Beatstone, Slappm, Kyser Musical Products (Artist support program), CAD Audio, Revv Amps, Rock Stock Pedals, – SERVICES/HOSTING: Gravody TV, RACKFEST, Dirtbag Clothing.

– How was it filming your promo video Set Me Free?
It was so much fun! Cameron Gallagher a local film maker returned for his 2nd music video after knocking it out of the park with Break These Chains. We chose an old church location from a guy I know who runs Albany Talent Modeling and thought it was the perfect spot for the performance side and features we needed for the story. It’s a story about an artist that is about to sign on to a deal that will be the worse deal of his lifetime and is taken advantage of having no control over himself and ends up fighting to set himself free for a 2nd chance.

– What’s your thoughts on Spotify and ITunes as what it does for musicians?
I love that you can download the music from iTunes and not have to always print CD’s. I am a die hard fan of CD’s but this way at anytime, fans can download the material and it’s always in stock. Spotify is ok, I’m not sure because you can stream everything for free if that is a good idea. I know a lot of people just listen from there and never download the material, I even do that with some artists I’m searching around. The royalties that give out to be honest for getting 1,000’s of streams for example is next to nothing. I don’t agree with that. There are other ways to introduce your music to people besides that platform.

– How many shows do you currently do in a year?
at least 60, it’s ranged to the 80’s in the past.

– How hard was it to get a Vevo channel of your name on YouTube? That itself says a lot.
Some people may not know but you can’t just open an account and get a VEVO channel like you do with Youtube. It’s a lot of elements coming together with your social media, if you have music and videos out there all ready and where you are in your career. They have certain guidelines for their videos and quality also you must match. With VEVO you want to have your best work and be at a stage where you feel right to be compared with the other bigger artists out there. As I’ll say in the bottom question of this interview: do your research and you’ll find the way. Key! :)

– Is there ever a time during the year you don’t work as hard as you do?
Nope. lol I do take Dec- Feb off usually to write, record and focus on my plans for the next year and do bookings if you call that time off aha.

– Any inspiration you could share to help musicians achieve their goals?
I would say have a great open line of communication with your fans. Use the social media to interact with them besides at the live shows. You’ll find a different audience also with online fans vs local fans. Always be proactive and do your best work then take the time to research what’s next. That is key let me tell ya. Whether it’s submitting to radio, labels, licensing and etc. Also have an open mind to a point where you can be yourself but maybe step out a bit also.


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