Dug Pinnick bass

Dug Pinnick

Dug Pinnick, American bassist for Hard Rock band King’s X and Pinnick Gales Pridgen project.

  • Dug Pinnick talks talks about the Pinnick Gales Pridgen album released with Magna Carta.
  • We talk about the making of the music video Hang On, Big Brother.
  • The recording sessions lasted 10 days and worked very well.
  • We talk about the writing process and inspirations behind the album.
  • Talks about the song Sunshine of your Love by Cream being on the album.
  • Dug discusses the music industry when it was a gold rush.
  • Pinnick talks about King’s X fans and their loyalty with music.
  • Music entertainment versus music playing.
  • Dug talks about King’s X tour dates in May and a new album.