cruella band


Crüella is the world’s hottest all-girl Mötley Crüe tribute band from the San Francisco Bay Area! Q&A Interview May 28, 2014. The band is Cindy Lynne: Vocals, Mary Cary: Guitar/vocals, Terilynn Bench: Bass/vocals, Windy Wild: Drums/vocals.

Questions and Answers

Life without music would be: Very, very quiet. And would quite possibly suck.
Favorite Artist or Band: Motley Crue
Favorite Concert: Motley Crue! We’ll be there for their final tour on July 23 at Shoreline in San Jose!
Favorite Album: We love everything Crue! Particularly Too Fast for Love, Shout at the Devil, and Dr. Feelgood.
Favorite Actor: Pam Anderson. Why our favorite? Because Tommy Lee said so.
Favorite Movie: Mars Attacks..because hey, we love anything with Mars in it
Favorite Sport: Does gigging count as a sport?
Favorite Food: We love to go to Mexican food before a gig.
Favorite Drink: Beer. And Shirley Temples.
Favorite word: Cruella-ey
Favorite Car: Custom built bike doing 103!
Favorite Book: The Dirt
Horror or Comedy: We think horror films are funny
CD or Vinyl: Vinyl baby!
Star Wars or Star Trek: Ah, the age old question. We plead the fifth (but look at our video EPK for a clue!
PC or Mac: We love the Mac! We love the PC! We do it ALL!
Coke or Pepsi: Depends on what’s being mixed in
Favorite vacation spot: Bahamas, Hawaii – really any place warm where we can take off our clothes
Cats or dogs: YES!
Facebook or Twitter: Facebook!, check us out!

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