Courtney Cox, American guitarist for The Iron Maidens. Courtney Cox bikini and high heels

Courtney Cox Interview

1. What are your current projects for 2012? Currently I am working on a metal project with the other guitarist in the Maidens, Nita Strauss. We are going for the old shred Cacophony flavor!

2. Could you describe your guitar and amplifier collection? Ohh jeez… um I have a collection alright.. my most cherished ones are my one of a kind Absynthe Green Adrian Smith Signature San Dimas, my Pink Vandenburg peavey and then one white Vandy, and then my Road Flare Red Rg550. I have Jems and all that jazz too but those 4 are my babies. My amp is a Peavey Valve King half stack, which is the best amp I have ever owned and have been using the same one for the last 4ish yrs.

3. What are your current endorsements? I’m endorsed by Jackson/Fender, Dunlop, DiMarzio, Roland/Boss, GHS strings, Peavey, Line 6 wirelesses, BBE… and a few others.

4. Courtney what’s your take on the sex appeal in the music industry? Sex appeal is a very powerful thing. It is both a good thing and a bad thing. Being female in this whole crazy industry, yea I love to be sexy but I don’t make it define me. I always make sure the playing comes first. It is always better to be easy on the eyes and ears ;P

5. What’s your vision on the Internet as a tool to promote and get your music out?

The internet is the way of the future. It is the only way to get out there and make yourself known. The Maidens still buckle down and do the old way of flyering and snail mail, etc. But all the social networks and numerous other internet provided outlets definitely make things a lot easier and more wide spread.

6. With all the bands coming out today. Do you keep updated with what comes out online at all? Not really I very seldomly check out new bands unless one catches my ear on my satellite radio or by word of mouth.. I literally stopped listening to new music in 2005 I think hahah. I tend to listen back in time rather than in current time.Courtney Cox modeling guitar in bra

7. How is the current Music Scene in California? The music scene is holding on. Definitely could improve but I still have a good time these days every time I go out.

8. Could you tell us about your main influences as a guitarist, etc? The reason I started was because of Kirk Hammett.. from there I got into players like Adrian Smith (of course), Andy LaRocque, Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Warren DeMartini, Jason Becker, Reb Beach, Rob Marcello there are too many to name… thrash, heavy metal with a touch of hair metal sums me up .

9. What could we find interesting in your Music collection? Um probably my Backstreet Boys discography. I mean I did grow up in the 90’s! lol hahaha. I still know every word to this day! And you can hear me and the other guitarist Nita singing them to and from shows. Some catchy stuff. Everyone laughs but I can pick out riffs in newer metal songs that match some backstreet boys melodies note for note! I’ll keep those metal songs nameless! Haha

10. Could you describe what goes on in a day in your life as a musician? Complete chaos… just a constant go go go. Work, errands, promotion, sound checks, load ins, load outs, appearances, meet and greets, just a lot of hustle and bustle.. It is really hard to find time for yourself sometimes.. but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Rock and Roll. Always find time for bar time though. That is key.Courtney Cox jackson guitar in fishnets

11. What are the upcoming tours for The Iron Maidens? We are about to leave for Ecuador next week, then South America for the month of March, thennnnnn Indonesia in April.. We are definitely busy busy this new year. Hoping to get back to Japan too! and Europe.

12. Are there any products or projects we can see from you in the future? Yea definitely! Music was the only thing I was ever good at so I’ll do whatever I can do to keep playing in whatever group or project comes my way.

13. Any advice for musicians that are starting in the music industry? Do it because you love it. If you plan on getting rich and famous, you are dreaming unless you luck out big time. I always tend to try and not take myself too seriously as well. If you can’t laugh at yourself and your mistakes, then you are in the wrong business. Also, keep your ego in check. My father would tell me ever since I started to not think too much of my playing because no matter how good I was or thought I was, there would always be someone out there who was better. So why put yourself up on a pedestal? JUST PLAY.. As harsh as it was back then it did teach me a lot and keep me grounded as a person.

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