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January 17, 2013

Daniel Mongrain Interview | Voivod guitarist talks Target Earth

Daniel Mongrain, guitarist for Canadian Progressive Metal band Voivod.

Daniel Mongrain Interview

1. Could you tell me about the upcoming Voivod album “Target Earth” and its recording process?

Daniel Mongrain : The new album is very intricate and progressive, sometimes chaotic and psychedelic with space for dynamics and melody also. It has pretty much all the ingredients of all the previous albums, but also has a new touch to it. Blacky’s killer bass sound is back. Blacky and I wrote the main ideas and riffs of the music and we arranged everything all together at the jam space. We also recorded improvisation that became the core of some of the [...]

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January 13, 2013

Voivod Interview | Drummer Michel Langevin talks Target Earth

Michel Langevin, Founding member and drummer for Canadian Progressive Metal group Voivod.

Voivod Interview


Michel Langevin talks about the latest Voivod album Target Earth. The 30th anniversary for the band. Going back to the classic era of the band with having Blacky again in the band. Has there been different influences into making Target Earth. Daniel Mongrain bringing new influences in this album. Releasing online Mechanical Mind online. Where did the artwork come from for Target Earth. The popularity of vinyl albums coming back to life. We talk about Michel’s signature snare drum. Going out on tour in South America and North America. China and India [...]
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December 24, 2012

Jason Newsted Interview | Legendary Bassist talks New Metal EP

Jason Newsted, American bassist for Platinum selling artist Metallica. Made part of other notable bands Voivod, Flotsam and Jetsam and Ozzy Osbourne.

Jason Newsted Interview


Jason Newsted talks about how great it is to be online now. How the Facebook page grew very quickly since joining it. The idea behind naming the band with his own name. When you look at the name Newsted you get Metal. We discuss the band’s logo and where it came from also it’s design. Jason still having tons of energy, enthusiasm and becoming the song and the music. It’s been 12 years since Newsted left Metallica. Showcasing the latest Newsted album on ITunes. Jason talks [...]
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September 22, 2011

Michel Langevin Interview | Voivod Drummer talks Jason Newsted


Michel Langevin InterviewMichel Langevin talks about the upcoming studio for Voivod in 2012. Langevin talks about his new signature snare drum. Michel talks about the latest live Voivod album Warriors of Ice. He talks about being in touch with Jason Newsted (METALLICA).