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June 2, 2014

Interview: Lillian Axe’s Steve Blaze talks One Night in the Temple

Steve Blaze guitarist for Hard Rock American band Lillian Axe and Badfinger.

Steve Blaze InterviewWe talk about the Lillian Axe bad car wreck. We talk about the guitar tones of the new live album One Night in the Temple. Filming the dvd with 7 video cameras. The documentary took a lot of hours to edit. We discussed the mastering and mixing aspect to the One Night in the Temple. How did the music industry change throughout the days certainly the promotional part of things. Steve Blaze does roughly 300 to 400 hundred interviews per year. Steve Blaze talks about Sledge Hammer band with the Zebra singer. Also playing guitar with Badfinger. We talk about his ghost hunter tv [...]
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February 13, 2014

Tom Keifer (Cinderella) Interview – The Way Life Goes

Tom Keifer is an American vocalist and guitarist for Glam Metal band Cinderella.

Tom Keifer talks about his solo album The Way Life Goes and going on the road this summer. We talk about the health of his voice. When choosing singles for a album how does it work. The process for making music videos now. Two promo videos Solid Ground and The Flower Song. What does Tom Keifer think of Social Media. The love of collecting rare guitars. The technology of amplifiers now and how far it is going. Keifer’s influences in life to write music and lyrics.

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June 13, 2013

The Poodles Interview – Band members talk Tour de Force

Jakob Samuel and Henrik Bergqvist from the Swedish hard rock and glam metal band The Poodles. Interview June 2, 2013

In this interview The Poodles discuss Tour de Force album

1. How was it recording the latest album for the Poodles Tour de Force? Even though the fact that we were under time pressure we had a really smooth and easy going recording session, as always with Mats Valentin. We had a month of rehearsing sessions before going into studio which haven’t happen before. This made everything easier to nail and everybody was more content with the material and could concentrate on putting their best effort putting heart, soul and extravagant playing into the songs. [...]

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October 3, 2012

Kix Interview | Guitarist Brian Forsythe talks Live in Baltimore

Brian “Damage” Forsythe, Guitarist for Hard Rock groups Kix, Rhino Bucket.

Kix Interview


We talk about the latest CD and DVD Live in Baltimore. How has the record industry change through out the years in the eyes of a musician. How the internet connected the world for fans. What guitars and amplifiers were used on Live in Baltimore. Marshall’s and Fenders. How has songwriting and sounds evolve through out the years. Don’t Close Your Eyes how the song still stands up today very strongly. Future Kix tour dates. When will the MTV era come back. How is Brian’s guitar collection with old fenders and classic Les [...]