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February 3, 2012

Steve Blaze Interview | Lillian Axe Guitarist on Days Before Tomorrow

Steve Blaze, guitarist for Hard Rock band Lillian Axe.

Steve Blaze Interview


Steve Blaze talks about the latest Lillian Axe album XI: the Days Before Tomorrow. Steve talks about Brian C. Jones new vocalist for Lillian Axe. Steve talks about his different guitar tones from [...]
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January 13, 2012

James Christian Interview | House Of Lords Singer talks Big Money

James Christian, vocalist for Hard Rock band House Of Lords.

James Christian Interview


James Christian talks about House Of Lords latest album Big Money. James talks about the recording process of Big Money. We talk about the House Of Lords tour for 2012. Working on [...]
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January 11, 2012

Jerry Dixon Interview | Warrant Bassist talks Down Boys Record

Jerry Dixon, bassist for Platinum selling Glam Metal band Warrant.

Jerry Dixon Interview


Jerry Dixon talks about the Down Boys Record Label. Dealing with all sorts of genres in music for the Down Boys Records. We talk about Warrant’s Rockaholic [...]
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December 7, 2011

Kip Winger Interview | Bassist discusses San Francisco Ballet

Kip Winger, bassist for Platinum selling Hard Rock groups Winger and Alice Cooper. Interview November 21, 2011 with Jason Saulnier.

Kip Winger Interview

Jason Saulnier – Kip Winger what is going on with the career these days.

Kip Winger – I’m working on [...]

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