Paul Di’Anno Interview | Legendary Singer talks Life on the Road

by Jason SaulnierNovember 22, 2012

Paul Di’Anno, Lead singer for Legendary Heavy Metal group Iron Maiden from 1978 to 1981.Paul Di’Anno 1981 iron maiden

Paul Di’Anno Interview


  • We talk about Paul’s current activity’s in music.
  • How does a singer perform on stage when sick considering playing around 275 shows a year.
  • Paul Di’Anno going out on tour with Blaze Bayley.
  • Being both former frontman’s for Iron Maiden must be great for the fans.
  • New album in the works soon for Di’Anno.
  • How complicated is it to find band members to play with.
  • Using the old Chuck Berry trick of finding band members everywhere for different countries.
  • In a couple more years he will be quitting the touring scene.
  • But we will still Paul doing albums for the fans.
  • Being on tour for 8 years and how it has been on the road.
  • Whats Paul’s vision towards Social Media online.
  • How does Paul Di’Anno look at his work with Iron Maiden certainly the Killers album.
  • Maiden Japan being a great template for live albums.
  • Paul being humble and down to earth with his fans.
  • Paul enjoying the first Iron Maiden better then the other ones.
  • How it was playing live in Iraq for the soldiers.
  • Di’Anno’s auto-biography and how the book turned out and what’s next.
  • Writing again in the future to write possibly a novels.

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