Against All Will Interview | Guitarist Jimmy Allen on Puddle Of Mudd

Jimmy Allen, guitarist from Against All Will, Puddle Of Mudd

Against All Will Interview with Jimmy Allen

Jimmy Allen Against All Will

  • Jimmy Allen talks about recording the latest Against All Will album.
  • Jimmy talks about the guitar tracks on the A Rhyme & Reason release.
  • We talk about the relic Randy Rhoads Custom Gibson.
  • Jimmy talks about Puddle Of Mudd.

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  • Yvonne Laughlin

    Jason, I have really enjoyed listening to this interview, not only once, but several times. Jimmy is a guitar legend in the eyes of so many out here. He is an amazing musician, songwriter and of course great guitarist. It’s interviews like this that allow me and others, to appreciate and understand more about these amazing musicians.

    As publicist for the band Against All Will, I want to thank you for taking the time to interview Jimmy!

    Kudos brother, keep up the great work!